When a community of owners needs our services, we commit ourselves fully to their interests.

The management of money and the interests of third parties is a great responsibility. For this reason, our economic management is clear and easy to understand, we offer the owners all the accounting support and the important documentation of the community.

When we act as secretaries, our most experienced and competent staff is present at the meetings, not only to prepare the event, but also to give necessary explanations about the management and to facilitate the advice in any question that can be made.

In general, our office has the following main lines of work:

  • Community accounting is done in accordance with the parameters set by the Chart of Accounts.
    The management of the building is carried out with the collaboration of the Presidency and the Board of Directors of each community.
  • Meetings and meetings are held conveniently for most owners and in agreement with the Presidency.

Other specialized services at Salvadó & Gubert

  • Regular communication with the property’s management committee.
  • Regular visits to the property.
  • Management of Annual General Meetings (AGM). AGM held within working hours and includes review of the previous financial year, with the assistance of technical advisors as required.
  • Administration of official documentation related to the AGM.
  • Financial management of the property in accordance with current accounting laws. This includes management of a bank account for the individual community and managing financial transactions between individual proprietors, the bank and contractors.
  • Reporting to individual proprietors on the annual accounts and expenses.
  • Legal advice to the property management committee on property matters including non-payment by individual owners.
  • Management of the maintenance of the building, including arranging repairs by contractors.
  • Other services including protection and safeguarding of sensitive computer data, key holding service, secure archiving of community documentation. Meeting room available with audio-visual and video-conferencing facilities (capacity 40 people).
  • Secure online access to both individual and community information including minutes of meetings, insurance documents and budgets.
  • Security of knowing we comply with the law on data protection.